FREE Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt for Timmins Area


For those that know me know that I LOVE scavenger hunts. Ever since I was a kid, my mom created scavenger hunts for me around the holidays and that tradition has been passed down to my children.

My kids and I created an exclusive list of items that you will find in our area, guaranteed! Every time we print ones from the internet, there are always items that are not checked off and it frustrates them. Ha! 

Here is a great activity to do with the kids. Make some hot chocolate, warm up the vehicle and print out these lists for the kids to find. 

Supplies that are helpful (and fun!) for this activity:

1. Clipboard (this helps them check off the items without crinkling the paper)

2. Marker (I tie a string to it and attach it to the clipboard so they don't drop it 30 seconds into the drive). 

3. Blanket: This is optional but my kids love getting cozy in the car and making it feel like a road trip (even if it is just around the city).

4. Special snacks and hot chocolate: I make Reindeer Munch (or Muddy Buddies, as some call it) every year for this occasion. 

5. Christmas Music (this is a give-in!)

I would love it if you share a picture of your adventures with us! Have a blast! 

ENGLISH LIST: Click here

FRENCH LIST: Click here